Law Firm

KDK lawfirm was established in 2008 and consists the evolution of the long and successful cooperation of its partners. Nikos Koutroubis established in 1962 his law office, which was enlarged with the participation of Nikos Dimitrolopoulos in 1995 and Maria Koutroubi in 1996.

KDK Lawfirm provides an integrated spectrum of legal services covering the Greek Civil, Commercial, Labour and Administrative Law, together with the penal aspects of the relevant cases.

We provide specialized legal services and strategy counselling, adapted to the specific needs of domestic and foreign individuals and companies. We always focus at the best possible promotion of our clients’ interests and the personal approach of the legal matters they are trying to solve. Our goal is to provide the best possible and profitable outcome in their case within the quickest time and affordable budget.

We provide scientific knowledge, professional ethics, long standing experience and the flexibility of a small and effective team in direct and personal contact with the client. We guarantee the high standards and effectiveness of our legal services with the constant follow- up of the case law and legislative developments in National and European level.

For the effective representation of our clients, we cooperate with greek attorneys and professionals of other sectors, such as notaries, court messengers, accountants and tax advisors, architects and civil engineers.

Languages: Greek, English, French